The variety of banking institution offers requires the introduction of new solutions, especially when it comes to forms of loans. One such option is a Marka loan . This is a very simple form of credit because the tax return includes all the information you need to receive cash. This type of financial assistance is characterized by a minimum of formalities, thanks to which the loan granting procedure is easy and the money is paid out very quickly.

Low guarantee of financial liquidity

Low guarantee of financial liquidity

After showing Marka for the previous year, the bank has an insight into the amount of income, its source and form of employment. One document is enough to prepare a financial analysis and assess the applicant’s creditworthiness . It is simple for the borrower, because he does not have to provide many documents and for the lender who quickly receives reliable data.

Many people are denied or granted loans on worse terms. 

Money loan

By the end of February each year, each employee should receive a Marka-11 form from each employer he worked with in the previous year. Banks offering Marka loans accept such documents as: Marka-11, Marka-11A, Marka-40, Marka-40A and Marka-36. However, when it comes to loans for companies, institutions are not willing to grant such forms of financing. They most often reject such applications or propose a much lower amount than the one requested. In addition to Marka, enterprises must provide a number of other documents.

The Marka loan is offered to people who need cash with a small waste of time and a small number of formalities. Such a solution is also appreciated by those who have to pay a high tax after the Marka settlement or employees who do not want to collect from the employer a certificate of employment and income statement.

Loan and cash loan

Loan and cash loan

Although the Marka loan is perceived and advertised as a low-interest offer, it is no different from a regular loan. In favor of a Marka loan, there are restrictions on formalities and documents (a Marka and ID document are enough) and a faster credit decision. However, when applying for a normal loan, the applicant is required to provide a statement of earnings, bank statement or other statements.

However, if you decide on any form of credit, if you are unable to assess your creditworthiness, the bank may still ask for additional documents. It is worth noting that financial institutions are moving away from Marka loans because it is limited in time.

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